Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Cute Love Texts

Cute love text to him or her that makes them filled with love for you, send them now

*Cute Love Texts*

Love to me is meaningless without you because you are the definition of true love

If you are my greatest mistake then never did a mistake seem more right

You bring out the best in me more than I thought I had any good in me

You make life so much a better place to be in

If happiness was ever apportioned to people, you give unjustly so much to me beyond I ever deserve

Never have I been into something and feel as I do with you now

You make me the happiest I've ever been each time I'm with you

You are my greatest weapon, your love kills all my ills as your hate thrills them

The best feeling I've ever had is knowing I mean something to someone more else, YOU.

You make me feel on top of the world placed forever on cloud nine

You catch all of my frailties like a dream catcher and give me such good goodness

Loving you is to me as bound as the seas is to their position because I can not do away from loving you

My live is nothing like the weather, forever will be constant and immovable

You make me happy beyond I ever thought this life would ever give

Like light weighted things floating to the sky was how you made me feel the day I first met you

You are everything good in my life that has no equal

You touch a part of me that everyone has ever feared to reach and that's a part of me that's in thrall over you now

You are my Savior in love and with your love is sweet salve to my life

Your are the answer to all strife in my life, you are my medicine

You are my own superhero because the day you met me was the day your saved and register my soul in love's name

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