Wednesday, 16 August 2017

20 Cute Pics To Send To Boyfriend

Send a picture to that boyfriend of yours with an apt message to cap it all up. 
Here you go

*Cute Pics To Send To Boyfriend*

Remember this moment we shared, it's one I'd love to relive all my life

The way I feel for you, my love has no fee because it's unquantifiable

Loving you is something that I will never trade anything for. 

Like no zero in a calendar so is there not a tint of hate I could ever have for you because my love for you is wholesome

You are better to me than my favorite movie because the novelty of your face is always fresh 

If chance gives me a chance too right my wrongs and one of them is you, then I won't take it because you are a wrong I never wish to be right

You make me happy to think of a future

I cannot fathom how life would have been without you but I know with you it's complete happiness

You are the best story of my life and more so my hero like in a movie

Like stacks of CD on a DJ player is how your love is stacked on my heart and more so immovable

Loving anyone else will be a nightmare because from loving you alone is my dream fulfilled

You are by a mile the best thing to ever happen to me as the day I met you my happiest day on earth

The object of my heart, soul, eye and mind will forever be you my love 

You are to me what no one can ever take from me. 
You are my world 

If my heart was a gallery then you are a priceless work of heart 

You conquer my fears just by a look into your eyes and I know I never want to be alive without you

I feel like I need to capture every moment I am with you because everyday with you is priceless 

You give me such sweet sweetness unlike anything I ever felt 

You are the only thing that I can never tire of

Your love to me is priceless than anything ever priced

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