Tuesday, 22 August 2017

20 Cute Pictures To Send Your Boyfriend

You want to ink the perfect message to that deserving boyfriend of yours. 
Well then do that.

*Cute Pictures To Send Your Boyfriend*

I fall prey to the care you show to me because I know know one else has been of so much importance to me and it's why I love you so

If your heart was a price to win then I'll trade a thousand of anything to be the worthy winner of it

You loving me is like when the Sun meets the night, you cure my every dark spot

You make me happy to fall but not just that because falling is only because when it's falling in love and even more so when it's you

As Mother Nature loves and feeds the creature that loves her so are you to me because loving you fills me with like passions

You are to me everything I could ever ask from a lover and even more so, you are more

Like a door to coffers of wealth it's what you are to me because loving you opens a door of joyous events flooding my life

The very day I said the words yes to you was the very day heaven smiled at me

If I ever go back in time I'll do nothing differently so as to have you in my life still again

Like a tattoo on my heart is how your are, your are always with me and in my thoughts

I close my eyes and I imagine us always in the future and always we are happy, that's the life I want to build with you

You are to me like the oasis in the desert, I cannot live without your love

Your love to me is like warmth in the cold

As it's impossible to breathe without the air gracing my lungs so is it as me without you

Life may hold many reason why I may lose interest to it but without you life is just another passive space

Your are the answer to my prayers and my every fruition

Oftentimes I think if I never found you life would maybe been a happy place but I know it cannot be happier

My love for you will never cease so long as I still remain

More than my Will to ever see the morning Sunshine or the night beautiful array of Stars, I long to see you because you are more precious even

I can never hope to understand the depth of my love for you but when I'm lost for words I more than believe it's fate's doing and nothing else

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