Tuesday, 22 August 2017

20 Cute Quotes For Your Boyfriend To make Him Smile

Let him know how much he means to you by making him smile in love for you. 

*Cute Quotes For Your Boyfriend To make Him Smile*

I see the rainbows, I see the heavens and clouds of blue, I see the dawn in her golden hue but you are the reason to me why life is beautiful

Like sailing out into the night gloom but assured of safety, it's how beautiful you make me feel

You may not be a masseur but you see my therapy

I could profess my love for you all day till night comes and still never tire of it

You are like the cushion that breaks my fall when I miss a step in life

If I was a mountaineer having seen the height of you, I'll never want to see another

You are like my own sword of love that maims the ruins in my soul

You wash my soul with beautiful images and it's reasons why everyday I look to make new ones with you 

I never knew what a congenial spirit and soul mate was till I met you 

You heal me of my woes like a Saint does to a sick person

You are to me like a pleasure of unimaginable feats, you are my all happiness unbeknownst

You are like that beauty in my life without which is all gloom and doom 

I love you because you are the mishmash of Nature's beautiful hands with Love's own sting to my soul

Me hearing you love me as you do is like music to my soul

Unbound like the sea and immeasurable as the waters such is my love for you

Till I draw my last breath on earth, your love I'll profess so long I live

How much I love you is five times I love another 

With you I understand how lovers can be best friends how you listen diligently to my daily stories and held rapt in them, O! I love you so much 

And to think I had only stumbled upon the place we met by mistake that day as meeting you was the best mistake of my life

You are more precious to me than Sapphire, Ruby and Gold combined

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