Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Cute Text To Boyfriend

Send to that boo how much your heart beat and hold for him and seize the moment.

*Cute Text To Boyfriend*

I may no little of Chemistry but I know you are every reason I breathe as you are my oxygen

As long as you love me, Platinum and Gold never hold a worthy worth more

The regal grace from your lovely heart to me makes me feel so secured that of ask the other guys and I've got the best 

Like brown sugar, when your eyes meet mine all I see is heaven in them

I love you so much that the world would see me alive one second without you, I'll refuse

You are mine and for that sake when the lot of girls throw their lustful gaze at you I'm more happy in the knowledge that you choose me instead

If loving you is my greatest mistake then I'll rather the gallows with you than hallows without you

My loving you offers me nothing anyone ever did because it affords me true happiness

I love you so much that saying the words hurt me because they don't carry the weight of the way I wish to convey it exactly

I love Love for ever giving me the chance too be with you because everyone since you asked that question, YES is the only thing I have said to you

With you I feel nothing could ever mar the smile you put on my lips

Loving and living was before you came mere wishing and existing, thanks for your love

Thanks for helping change the status quo and giving me a reason to live

If my love for you was put on a Richter it will register a 10

Loving you my dearest husband has made my History so beautiful that no words in the English language could describe nor Maths could number

You are everything life ever gave me to offset the bad it doled, thanks for coming my way

You make my life more miserable in love for you like without you is without my oxygen

If there was a device to measure love, it will fail because mine for you is immeasurable

I am so in love with you that ever day like Magic I find my loving you as though with more ecstasy and novelty

I love you so much that without you for just a second and I feel a longing that only your face can sate

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