Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Cute Things to Say To Your Girlfriend Over Text

The things people do for love you should send a beautiful and sweet message to that special girl in your life now because you've found a perfect list here

*Cute Things to Say To Your Girlfriend Over Text*

Baby, right now I'm missing you like without you is another rainy day that keeps me locked inside

The way I love you is second only to how God loves humanity

I love you much more than my last straw on earth should it come today 

You are the only reason I would want to live longer on earth

Nothing matters more to me, not Monet, Gems or Things so long as I have you, they all mean one thing without you- Nothing

I miss you so much my sugar pie, honey is nothing compared to you

You make me seem like life is nothing but garden filled with happiness

You bring out not just the best in me but make me better each time I sit thinking of you

Right now I can feel a million ways to love you better than yesterday and it's why my love for you will never die

How much I love you is beyond the very reason why I breathe and think

Like Shakespeare said I love is like a child and with you I feel child-like each and every time I think of you

You stoke the dying embers of love in my heart every time I see you

My heart rises like the waves as the sun in the morning when I think of you

You are in my life like a salt, without your presence my whole life is useless

I love you sometimes I think too much than its safe to love someone because a second without you is as being locked out of heaven

You not only are the most beautiful thing to happen to me but if you never happened, I would never have known joy

You make me feel like falling isn't bad anyway because you always seem to be there to catch me

I must confess that I never thought I would fall in love as deep as I did but since I fell for you falling seems to be better than standing

If you were a book, I'll pore on you all the days of my life

Fate can never be kinder than the very first day I set my eyes on you because from thereon I knew I fell in love

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