Tuesday, 15 August 2017

20 Cute Things To Text A Girl

Send that cute message to that girl that you share passions with now.

*Cute Things To Text A Girl*

I love you so much cutie pie because your love gifts me a joy like no other one can 

The way you smile makes the rainbows envious wishing they held more colors

Blessed is the day I met your because since that day life has shown itself more precious in my sight and beautiful

Good times rolling like Rolling Stones is how I feel always when I'm with you

You are all the best thing to have been given me by fate

If loving you is my only task on earth I'm wine and dine on that love and will never be tired

Each time I think what I stand to lose without your love I feel I'll be lost without you

I love you so much it would seem life a labyrinth without you

More than the very reason I breathe, I love you than anything

Meeting you was when I understood magic is real because you cannot be defined save by magic 

How much I love you is much more than the reason why

Not so much woman catch my heart but you my love, you caught my soul

Loving you is the one realest thing that I'll never forfeit

Loving you to me is more than anything I had ever imagine love to be because being with you is blissful

You are more than what I dreamt of in a woman because you combine reality and fantasy all in one

If loving you is a sin then I don't want to be righteous

You are where I belong and forever to your smile is where I want to be found

My greatest joy since finding you is being the one person to bring the smile to your cheeks

Forever you will remain in my heart but here and the hereafter because our love is one that transcends death

You make my earth has pure ecstasy of heaven seem

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