Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Cute Wake Up Texts

A most beautiful message could brighten someone's whole day especially that loved one, why not be the one to do just that then.

*Cute Wake Up Texts*

Morning sunshine, I must confess I miss the sun, no not the one in the sky but the blinding one in your eyes

Your smile is like the radiant morning glow

I miss your and as day is not day without the sun is do is my life not joyful without your smile. 
Good morning dearest

If loving you means I'll forever be in the dark, then I never want to see the sun but nonetheless, Good morning love

My loving you affords all the dark part of me gone as does the sun to the night and it's why I'll forever love you. 
Good morning love

You are too me like a cloudless day fraught with delight that I'll never want to share. 
Good morning love

I love you much more than Golden delight even than Midas touch because your has a sweeter end. 
Good morning dear

If true love has a ring to it, the sound of your heart beat is it. 
Morning love

Like Aurora rises from east every morning, I must say you rise with more grace than she

If my loving of you was ever anything, it's as the beautiful morning that brightens the whole world

Morning love, never was there a day more than a day watching you wake

Your presence is an indication of my joy as the sun is to the morning

Nothing is much what it is without you in my life and whenever I think of you, life like the sun gives me a reason to smile. 
Good morning love

As the sun was made to shine so was I made for you. 
Morning love

Wakey! Wakey! my love, the morning is come but not for me until your, my own sun is awoken

You are every reason why I understand that there is light after dark because as the sun shines after every night, knowing you are there for me in the night, my mornings are a gift because I know I'll see you again

Having you ageless and timeless as the morning sun, it's all reason why my morning are always the same, Beautiful

Your eyes are like the orb that lightens my gloomy sky. 
Good morning my love

Morning my dear lover and friend, I'm most happy all times especially when waking up with comes with happiness as it perks

I love you and heaven knows waking up without you would be my dirge it's why like that sun you tarry for me always

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