Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 I Love You And Appreciate You

Tell that special one what they mean to you by this allaying list of message.

*I Love You And Appreciate You*

I'll have the world laid to your feet if to exchange it all for you. 

I love you so much that if loving you was excused from me, I'll rather die than live another day

I never appreciated the sun than when I see it rise from your eyes

With a thousand gratitude I'll give everything if only to see you everyday as you are

Loving is one thing I'll never tire to have, it's the best thing to have ever happened to me, thanks for your living

I must profess I never knew love not till I knew you

You make me feel better even when in the face of worse

You are the one thing I life gives me that bests every other I ever had

You are too me like wine to my boorish taste that I'll ever never tire of

I love you so much more than I will ever revel in Gold or Silver

You see to me like a wick that lightens my flame

My life is hinged on you you make life so easy after all the storms

How sweet it is to be loved by an angel like you

You are not just the one for me but the only one where my gratitude forever lie

I look around and I see your love the reason why I'm the happiest I am this day.

Meeting you was every wish I never made but the best thing nonetheless

You give to me what no one else could ever give, you give me a genuine reason to live

I owe you life for making me live because you thought me to love. 
Thanks my love

I love you not just for you but what you make me feel because I love what I am when I'm with you

I never thought to ever be beholden to anyone but ever since your love, I'm beholden in a thousand ways to you

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