Saturday, 26 August 2017

20 I Love You For Her

Do you want her to know how much you love her then tell her so

*I Love You For Her*

I love you like I have never felt for nothing and something else in my life

The first time I saw you it wasn't mere attraction that brought me to you, twas destiny

Love’s brought us together but your commitment to us has always kept us that way

They said not to started what you cannot finish, for me I never want to see an end to our relationship

With you being the hottest girl that you are, I love you still not for your outward but your beauty inside.

You are by far the best woman to have graced my life after my Mum and like her I'll love you no matter what

Ever since I laid my eyes on you, you have stolen my brain from me and my heart stolen by you

Now I have fallen in love with you because you give me the most beautiful memories I can never make with another

Before I ever knew you, relationships was something I only graced with half a heart but ever since you, I knew what true love meant.

Like I had long been blind you came and opened my eyes in love

Suffering with you in love is better than without you and happy because I know when with you I'm happy it gives a better taste

You are the one person that should I commit myself to, reneging is not possible because you are worth all of my hassle

 Being with you even the rainy day seems fine

In a relationship with you, is like in eternal sunshine that thwarts all darkness

Without you I feel schizophrenic because I see you on everything and every face there is. 

You are my sweet addiction that I'll never want to break.

 In this thing called love, I want forever there be me and you

I love you more my soul can conceive because you are not just my soul mate but my soul proprietor

I love you than the reason why and forever I'll love you as long as I breathe

You make understand the beauty in life and what's more to appreciate them

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