Wednesday, 16 August 2017

20 I Love You Texts

*I love you*, maybe so little a word but carries magical powers, tell that special person in your life you love them now. 

*I Love You Texts*

I love you and this I'm never shy to say not even if I stand before a thousand obstacles, your love will set me free

I must say being in love you, I love you no less everyday or more because my love for you is like an eternal heart full, no more, no less

Your love is the fuel in me, I love you than I can ever imagine to describe

You are the music in me and my love for you as sparkling as the eyes of the sun

I love you still, even if the apocalypse happens now or I am too breathe my last or the sky falls, I'll love you no less

Your loving me is the best thing to have happened to me, it's as liberating as rainbow in the rain

I love you so much more than anything else in the world, you are the novelty in my soul

Being a soulmate to you was and is everything I could ever want. 
I love you so much

I love you like I never did anyone else and I don't think I'll ever for anyone else

You are the joy in my life and doting upon you is my pastime

The day I'll put ring of reeds on your finger and say to the whole world I love you, that day even now I know will be best day of my life

You are everything I need to make a perfect husband. 
I love you so much

Your love to me is like nothing ever felt, it's like bolts of electric rushing up my brain to give me reasons to be happy always

Loving you is what I'll never tire of not in this lifetime or the next 

Your love brings out the best in me, it's like showers of blessings above

I love you more than anything that ever roaches the earth

You are my backdoor to heaven and with you I'm certain of eternal ecstasy

Loving you is one of the very reason that keeps my heart in perfect harmony with my mind because when it comes to you, they are in thrall

You are the perfect condiment of a happy matrimony. 
I love you so much my love

Like Samson, for you I'll fight
Like Romeo for you I'll die
And as I am for you I'll also live, I love you so much

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