Friday, 11 August 2017

20 I Miss You Love Quotes

Sometimes we have no choice but our loved ones will have to be away and our messages will have to make do for awhile. 
Well, this list is just perfect at least for the time being

I Miss You Love Quotes

If I was nature, you would be to me a sun and without you will definitely be the absence of sun

For every sun, there's a shadow since you left, my sun, all I'm left with is nothing but shadows

When I'm with you, it feels like the beauty of a flower but then without you is like thorn sullying that same flower 
I miss you love

Having to deal with your absence, my love, is having to be like a widow who lost her husband even though I should see you soon

I miss you my love, and just as as Shakespeare said, ever since you left my mind is in my eye because I see you in everything

You make me feel like nothing is truly worthy of the name beauty whenever you are absent from me

I miss you so much my love, like a ball misses the nerve in a scoreless game

I don't know of which of us death would take first but I know by evidence of missing even while you live that I don't want to live without you

Picture a frozen seal waiting after winter to be active again that's I have been my love, awaiting till you come to be alive again

To be away from you is like a banishment from anything blissful

The hurt I nurse by virtue of your absence is than death and despondency combined

Missing you is the only thing I have ever will face and find you the only one with an answer to that penance

I miss you so much my love and my dreams is as though every little detail of it is controlled by the fact that I miss you so much

Now I understand Biology when it says the body will do anything to adapt to the unbearable situation it finds itself just like my dreams that shows me you to allay all the pains I face from missing you to ensure my survival

I don't know if you are a masochist and you joy in my pain of missing you but for me, I just want to see you now because missing you is like no pain I felt before

I can't help but feel like a minute more without you my love and I might just yield to schizophrenia, in delusion just to see you

You are like an haunted imagination that strikes me at my basest fear which is the fear of having to be without you

You are my prayer and answer to my prayers all the same if only I'll see you again dearest love

Since you left, I've seen many mornings and nights but nothing is quite like watch the sunrise with you and stargazing at night and I miss that so much, Love

Missing you so much love and I hope it'll not be long to see you again

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