Monday, 7 August 2017

20 I Miss You Quotes

I Miss You Quotes

I am here hoping that you are there somewhere dying to see me too. 
I miss you dear

I miss you my love, I don't get the reason why I miss you like tomorrow won't show and I won't see you again but I pray to see you soon

My dearest love and friend, I am reading our former texts and smiling and even more because I miss you and it's the closest thing right now to you I have

I miss you too much than a child misses it's mother and than a chick misses a hen

I've turned taciturn and a hermit because I would prefer to see no m you than be mired in idle converse

I miss you so much that I see you upon every face that I see as though I am schizophrenic. 
Come back home baby

I miss and I can't afford not to because it's the only fathomable thing to do not to miss you more

I miss you than air itself and need you than a dying man needs air

If I had three wishes I'll waste them all just to see your face

I miss you so much my love and but you give me reasons to hope I'll see you soon, I would have missed your till I become miserable

I must say that ever since the day you left, I left my heart I'm hell please come back and take me to heaven

I really miss you love and know I will always love you no matter the boundaries that sets us apart, I miss you so much

So much that it makes my heart as though it had no beat, your absence has made me lifeless, I miss you so much.

Sorry love, I miss my and I know you told me to take care and not to miss you but I can't help it because I miss you too much for that. 

I need you my dear like a bread is incomplete without a wine

I hear footsteps at the door and I feel my heart swell, I hear someone knock at the door and I suppose it's you, I am going crazy missing you and I can't seem to understand how to allay it other than you coming back to me

If ever I could find something as a replacement to not miss you less, an activity maybe but amidst it, I still always find time to miss you

I miss you like a bird misses the air and like I am going to go crazy without you. 

As though a cart before a horse
A car without a fuel
A teacher without a student
To make me feel useless without you

I love and as simple as that sentence is, you everything to me and without you is nothing ever righ

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