Tuesday, 15 August 2017

20 I've missed you quotes

Do you miss that special someone, then tell him /her while the feeling is young

*I've missed you quotes*

I should lie now, I'll say I never missed you not even the tiniest second

I've missed you so much that even I find myself in a field of dandelions hoping a wish upon their sway return you too me soon

I really missed you my friend and each day gets worse knowing that you tarry, come back my dear please

I've missed you my love, like how it hurts to miss the presence of summer in the cold

I've missed you dear and I must confess to thinking I'd just do fine without you but your truly to me are indispensable 

If there was a way there is to forgo all of the thought of you for some normalcy, I'd have done so but I guess it was fated that the reason for my sadness will be my source of joy too

My sui generis and lover of my soul, a thousand kisses will not tell the amount of ways I've missed you

I've missed having you beside me do much that life seems like a rollercoaster ride without steadiness

The truth is I missed you so dearly my love that even my heart was out of substance to keep up with your absence, thank God you returned soon

I really missed you my dame and without your presence this very hour, I would have been left to utter despair

I've missed our walking in the park way, our night time fun and morning laze. 

I see a happy morning finally because since you left I found my heart in a drudge to see past each day

I've missed every little detail about you my love that even now knowing you are away kills me still

To know that I won't have to miss your as I have done long since your absence

The fact that missing you will now be a yesterday pain is to me with a brighter ray than the rainbow itself.
Thanks dearest love

I've really missed you my friend, you have done so great to return because there's too me no buddy like you

I've missed everything about you, from the void you fill in my life to the boughs of joy your presence gives.

What I've missed about you was the warmth and liveliness which was missing when you left. 
Welcome back my love, I've missed you so much

Wish I could swear you to a oath never to leave as you did again because I missed your so much

I've missed your touch your kisses and your cuddles and cannot but pray you come back soon my dearest

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