Tuesday, 15 August 2017

20 Long Cute Messages For Her

Messages that touches the heart, send to that special girl now and make her know you think of her

*Long Cute Messages For Her*

Ever since I said yes to you my life has been belayed to joy tightly. Thanks dearest love 

Loving your avails me a joy bountiful as the substance in the seas

You make it all beautiful, that although the world seems lost and frightening and evil and with you I find assurance

You are everything that that brought happiness my way and without you is loneliness

The reason why you gift me the blessings unbeknown is not just that I met you before anyone else but that we are fated to be

If my heart was a quill then you are the only inkwell I'll ever be dipped in

You are the most wonderful thing of things to have happened in my life and to that I'll ever be grateful

My life is a joyous ground today because I have you in it

You turn me from Mr Lonely too Mr Glee, thanks for all you imparted on my life

You are the every reason I am forever grateful to living and without which life is just another collection of passive days

You are a lover that I can never outgrow because you are the definition of novelty itself

Loving you is not a reason I breathe but the reason

If fairy tale were real then you are the definition of that

At the end of the day, when time ages, and we all pass onto the netherworld, my love, I'll forever be grateful that I was loved by you

I must say I always scoff at happy endings but ever since I met you I found myself praying for one

Your are all the plausibility of true ecstasy in my life for your are my everything

In your eyes I can swear the heavens have passed through earth to give me their privileges

You make me understand how it is to be loved truly has never want to let go

The world is to me like lightning and you my mother as in your arms I find assurance when the world strikes for you give me safety

You are the blessings from above that was never promised but from you all I have found is nothing more than joy

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