Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Long Text Messages For Her

Send to that lucky lady of yours a long finely composed message to make her know you care for her right now.

*Long Text Messages For Her*

Loving you makes me appreciate all life the more that life itself has more than just my existence

Long ago I was petrified to ever fall in love knowing the pieces I got from it could never be mended but every since you falling was the best thing I did because you are my cushion

Having to love someone else as I do you is impossible because Your love to me is once in a lifetime

I can write it on the sky line, shout it on the roof top and avow till I lose my vocal cords that I will forever love you till death do me part from you

You are my Muse, my inspiration, my reason to breathe and with you am I but a mere wasted space

You give to me what is impossible to ever get from anyone else, priceless moments filled with unmatched loveliness and it's why I love you so

Your are everything to me an angel ever wished to be. 
You are my all in all

They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going but for me when the going gets tough, you make me get going

I know love is not all rosy as the flower but girl as long as I'm with you I don't mind the rough patches and thorns along the way because I know we'll wade through

To give up everything for someone and pledge a love to forever cannot be any easier for anyone but for me as long as I have you, I'll do it ten times over

Your beauty in my eyes if the heavens see what I see I'm sure they'll be stoked in envy right now

You are the very reason my life took a turn for the better because with you I finally found my Lady Grail

You are priceless to me as battle ground is to a warrior and as the seas is to a boatswain

If I ever hear about the unrealities of a fairy tales I'll say why not dream because having you makes me believe that they are more than real

Your are everything I ever and never dreamed of, you are my own perfection

Being with you makes me feel better than I ever thought I'll be in face it brims with so much joy I wish we met earlier

You make even my fattest all go away by one look alone into your allaying eyes of gold

Your eyes hold truer words than any text I had ever read because they tell me they love me and I believe so

Because you love is all the reason I have that when life gives no other hope and the darkest days seems not to give way to dawn and all seems lost, I still have hope

You are like a drug to me, I'm addicted and without I die slowly

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