Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Love For Her

Love is a beautiful thing to be involved in, tell that lady lover of yours you love her now

*Love For Her*

When I look into your eyes I see my soul mate, never change my love, I love you as you are 

If there was another you in a parallel universe, guess what, I'll still choose you because my love for you is unparalleled

You are always like my forthcoming light after the night and I'll never tire of loving you 

I am so enamored of you beyond the reason why

The love you bear for me is one that keeps me in a state of utter ecstasy in love with you all the time

The one that I need all my bland days can only be you and I can't just imagine another

Me being with you is the only rainbow I need after the rain.
Love you dear 

Always in love with you I'll forever be so long as I breathe

My love for you is this, it's my everything in the face of nothing

My gratitude to God, my mum and you. 
God for keeping me to be able to see you and my mum for baring me to the world to be able to see you because you are my lover in everything

You who are so important to me is by a mile a dream I never thought can ever come true

I thank God everyday for the magic of your words to me especially the day you said yes. 
The best day of my life 

You are all that I have ever done right in my life and I'll give nothing for that 

The content of my soul was all you ever kept there

Life looks precious to me only because you exist 

I love you every step of the way and every leap of the day

We are on a bed of roses today only because you walked with me on the path of stones

Your kisses are like Midas touches, the smell of heaven

In love with you and never in hate I fall every day and there's never been a better time when falling was better than standing

I may not have  been your first but I promise you I'll be your last

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