Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 Love Notes For Girlfriend

A girlfriend that you love and adore and wants her to know you do. 
Then tell her so

*Love Notes For Girlfriend*

You’re the best gift I have ever received by life.
You are incredibly incomparable

Having you is more than just winning the lottery, you are priceless

There's no one I'll have in your place, no one not even a twin of you, if you have

You'd be in my heart forever and always as long as I breathe in good and in bad

Girl you distract with a sweet distraction but even without you I'm more distracted thinking of you

If loving you is a dream then in eternal slumber do I wish

If loving you means nothing in the eyes of others then nothing must be better than something

You are my everything wish come true

If I am kept in your hearts for me that's more than a million worth of Gold in a coffer because you are my everything

If I ever had a favorite play before, watching your graciousness whilst you are unaware just became my new best movie
I'll search the highs and lows but I know my princess there's no word apt enough to describe you

Man will always find a way to attain pleasure but for me all of mine is derived from thinking about you

In my mind you are full like the pages of a book all occupied

Your every imperfections and cute childishness is to me the best thing and traits I love of you most

Your words to my ear are like wielded wands making Magic

When you sweetly smile at me its then I believe heaven must be true

Like a drug I am addicted to you and I don't want rehab

Loving you is when I know being addicted is not all bad because you are my addiction 

You cause a civil war in me because my brain tells me to concentrate to other things at work and home but my heart just can't because it beats for you

You cause a mutiny in me 
Even my heart is not listening to me;
It is throbbing only for you.

I wish to share my dreams with no one else because baby here's one thing you don't know that all of my dreams are fashioned around and by you as you make me happy in sweet daymare

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