Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 Love Text For Him

Make him know you love him just as much as he do you by this beautiful message here.

*Love Text For Him*

My life was like a circus without having you now it's a fairy tale movie ask because of you

From a distance I've always loved you now I couldn't be happier in life knowing I have you all to myself, my love

I know what it's like to need someone but loving you is like nothing I have felt before

Your love although does not take the weight of the world off my shoulders, it guarantees you'll share the brunt with me and it's why I love you so much

You are like my favorite movies but you are better because each time I see you my joy is better than the last

The day I met your eyes foretold to me my unhappiness are all gone

In all honesty I have loved you more than I have loved myself because you bring out a brilliant part of me I never knew was there 

I'll confess my love to you ten times again if it means I'll never have to do without the blessings of your own love to me

I had read Manna from heaven in the Bible but you are my own Manna in the form of a Man.
I love you so much, love

Like a bladesmith crafts a perfect sword so do you build a home in my heart that no storm can ever lay to ruin

You make me happy I ever fell for you because your love is my sweet reverie

Life's not worth experiencing if you are not in mine

With you I could involve in idle reverie all day long just thinking about you

If I could pause the world and relive forever with you, I'll not give it even a second thought

You are the reason why I will be happy to say I've lived anywhere

You are by a mile to me more lovely than the sun and assuring than a squadron because with you I find safety

In your arms I could forever stay all my life being the object of your eye 

Although by years down the passion in a relationship get watered and waned and life caves in but by the promises that in your love I'm covered, I don't mind because I'll forever love you still

I love you so much and never want to part ways with you because your fills me as well with happiness

You are my reason why I'll never want to live any other person's life because if you are not in my life I'll not go a day more

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