Tuesday, 22 August 2017

20 Love Texts

Love text that puts the fire in a relationship burning, send that boy or girl lover that you have them in your heart now 

*Love Texts*

I can't bear to live a day without you because without you I'm weak In my soul

Since you come I've been the owner of a joyful heart

You give me the belief of a thousand saints just cause you love me that my tomorrow will be better

If I die today I'll be happy that I found true love with you, my love

If life was a movie then being with you is my favorite scene 

Whenever I lie with you I feel like I've found a coffers of untold amount of gold 

Without you my life is as good as nothingness

You make my life as though like heaven seem

If true love should be defined, by you must it be because you love me a love truer than any else

Like the pledge of an anthem, I can't wait to pledge my self to you on the altar because you deserve all of me and even more

My love for you I know is incomparable to none and comparable to your love for me instead

You are my reason to believe life is better even when all seems gloomy

You are my knight in shining armor like in the movies and I want to forever be your Lady

You thrust at my heart giving me a love rarely seen and that's why I'll love you to forever

I'm in the luckier of us two having to fall in love with the most chivalrous and loveliest man to walk the earth

You are everything my sweet dreams forgot to add when I dreamt of The One

Nothing is good enough for me so long as it doesn't involve you 

Being your lover, I can die now because I know I lived and loved the most amazing person that ever lived 

You are everything good that life can never give better than, you are my world

Like a froth in ale, you cap my life up with joy in my substance as a woman

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