Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Loving You Message

Send that lovey dovey text make that special one blush in love right now and without much ado. 

*Loving You Message*

Loving you makes me feel like all of my future wishes have come true in you

As long as there is breath left in me I'll forever expend in loving you

Loving you is my everything without which I'll nothing

You make my life earthly yet with your heavenly seem

You to me are a loving love only realized I'm dreams

Loving you was all I ever thought true love would be

Meeting you made me realize fairy tales are really real

You are too me what no other person has successfully been because you waited for me in my worst that we can see today

You make my life the most happiest I have ever been 

Walking with me on the path of stones to a bed of rose was and is one reason I'll never tire on my loving of you

I love you so much more than a die hard fan loved the games every Tuesday evening

You make my life as though as the alphabet so easy to think of

Thanks my love for the jollity of my state today was ever impossible were it not for you

I love you do much my dearest that without you life would seem a dull path rife in the ordinary

Your loving me gifts me either wings making me harbor dreams I could touch the sky

If loving you was never a part of my life I dare not to think of the things I'd have missed and by virtue the happiness too you give

You are all where I belong and will forever be

I know missing something they say makes one grow fonder but a second without you is to me a penance as hell

From the first hello I knew in you I found true love

My love for you will forever stand do long as I forever have a lung to breathe

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