Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Message Of Love

Send that message is m of love right now to that special one in your life right now with this list.

*Message Of Love*

I love you and God make it so that we end together because you are my one true delight

There's no better feeling in my life than than everything that concerns you

You are my sunshine, my rainfall, my promises fulfilled and every beautiful thing in my life. 
I love you so much

I am no arithmetician but I love you beyond the measures of the sea

My love for you is as brightsome as the beauty supply nature

My mom loving you gives me purpose

What having you does to me is like 

If ever my life has the guest of rainbows, it's because I have your the reflection of beauty off you

You make me swell in purest ecstasy just thinking that someone like you loves me

Beyond the reasonable price of joy, there's nothing I would give in in exchange

If love to me was a number, it'll be innumerable

I love you and three times more than I adore the sun and the stars combine

You are to me more precious than Ruby and a word from you is as regal than the sweetest song

Nothing is better than the thought of you and I together in days we are happy

When I think how childish you make me fall in love, I disdain growing old

I love you beyond the very meaning of love itself because I love you just too much more than life

If loving you is a crime then I want to be caught and tried

Loving you is like a merry go round that only goes up and never down

Each time I think of you, my heart rises and kiss the sky

I love you so much my love that you as much as spark a flame in my heart that nothing can quench

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