Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Message To Love

Don't let awkward be your shared moments of love, make spicy your love

*Message To Love*

My love for you even to the ages can never be worn out

Fancy growing old with you and always in love, it's how I feel each and every other day I can't hope more for a better future

Like an owl, my eyes grew wide in doubt the day I saw you and. Y soul said to me, that's the One

You do to me what a mother do to a child.

With you I can dream, without you I can dream but that's what makes the difference between sweet dreams and nightmares

You are my tomorrow and forever in today

Like as though there never was a moment I was thought life not worthwhile, you came and I forgot I ever had a scary past

You are my guardian angel in the head of a woman and lover and I couldn't love you more for that

Like at pillow rests my head, you ease my heart into sheer happiness softened and joyfully

My heart was a deserted throne then you came and ascended to the throne. 
Thank you, queen of my heart

Loving you is all of my greatest gift the heavens have graced me with

With incomparable glee, I found love in you and nothing can ever take that from me 

These past few weeks with you has rewritten years of pain from my bland existence

You're so much more than to me than the worth of a thousand persons, you are incomparable

Nothing foretold my heart of you but I knew you the moment I saw you, I knew my heart had found The One

The brunt of the whole constellation combined have nothing on you because to me you are brighter than all of the stars

My heart was glued to you most sated in your thoughts that I am no more me without you

The day I ever deny loving you, know it is not me but someone playing as me because my love for your, I'll never deny

With you even my nightmare are of the sweetest kinds

You give me such flurry of sweet emotions I'll never compare with anything else

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