Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Messages Of Love

Some a message from you is all she/he needs for you to do, don't fail at that, here's a plausible option of messages to choose from

*Messages Of Love*

I'm not a seer but I see only a future together with you

My heart substance is nothing short of your face, it knows only to beat for you

Like a snake sheds it's skin, loving you helps me shed my past to enjoy the novelty from your love 

In your arms is where heaven is and I was taught to ever love to be in heaven so I forever want you to cuddle up with you my love

I'd trade places with death if you cease to exist today because you are my everything

Nothing is much the beauty it holds without you in my life because it all seems dull

Life is such a scary place without you in it beside me

Like a Rose brings out the beauty in a garden so do your love brings out the best in me

The day I met you I understood what it means by butterfly in the stomach

Your kisses meeting my lips are like the seal of heavenly graces

Like the revelry of a thousand joy so do I feel for you every day that life gives me a chance too live

My loving you if I didn't know better if say I must wake from my dreams because it's like we are always on cloud nine. 
Thanks my love

Been through the bad patches and yet each time I stand to think of it all, I must say I would not want life any other way because going through them with you was beautiful

You heal my nothingness with one sentence alone from you.... *I Love You*

I am so proud to have been spoken for by you because as a lover you are my pride and happiness

You bring to my soul the wonders of a thousand starlight

You make my life although hell at times but with assurance heaven I'll find

You make me happy beyond my years and joyful beyond words

Loving you avails me a joy unbeknown before because you love me a love unprecedented

Loving you is to me as bound is a sea to make waves and happily I'll forever love you

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