Friday, 11 August 2017

20 Miss You Love Quotes

Missing a lover of yours, well there's no damning feeling like that but here's a list to help you pen your feelings properly

Miss You Love Quotes

Dear love, I miss you just thrice as much as I know you do me, my love but I'll see you soon I know, love you dear

Miss you my love, it's been a cloudy life I have led since your absence and I need that sun long absent since you left

You are all the happiness in my life that when I have to do without it feels as hard as anything I've ever had to immure myself to. 
Missing you like crazy love

I miss you dear, so much and I hope to never have to see a day more than you lest I love death than life

You plus me can life get no better so is me without you as death alas

I miss you love and the love we've shared has ever been like the only thing I have banked on on these days of loneliness

To hope to feel that in every step or knock at the door, you be the worthy owner of them has been the order of my lonely day. 
I miss you do much love

I miss you dearest love as though it would be impossible to get through two days without you

I really am missing you so much my love, it's not easy have to wake up and explain to myself that I'll still go another day without you

I miss you so much my lover and my life, ask my dreams and they'll tell you how much

I cannot fathom the depth of the void that missing you have caused but I really miss you my love

I miss you so much and missing you has caused me like angry new mother hen that got seized of its new chick

I miss the sight of you love, it's been a heck of lonely days rife with pure despair without you

I cannot doubt the sooth of our love anymore especially what missing you have caused me to damn without your beautiful presence

I cannot delude myself hoping to not go crazy till you return because my love I miss you do much like I've never felt for anything

I miss you my love and I don't even know how to stomach the hurt of days without you not to talk of months, miss you my love

I miss you so much like all of my normalcy depends on you, my love

I don't know how much to say I miss your but the depth of the sea top to the sea bed will definitely be a start

I miss you and your absence makes me grow sour each time I think I'll have to go more days missing you

I miss you love, your absence has been like a furious flame burning this lonely moth missing you

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