Friday, 11 August 2017

20 Miss You Quote

Do you miss someone so dear and would want them to know of it?

Miss You Quote

Missing you is a penance with unequal parallel as hell

I miss the full bloom of your smile that makes my cloudy day serene

I love having you around me and now life's but a dirge without you

I wish life was fair but it's not and that's why you are absent from me now

Without you, there's no shock absorber to cushion the shock of loosing you. 
I miss you so much

Your presence is like a eureka moment but with you, there is no loosing it's novelty

I miss everything about you, now nothing has become my everything

There's only heaven I know that beats your presence 

You are so of all the love I can ever wish of life. 
Now I miss you 

I miss you like a shepherd misses his long lost sheep

I miss you from the bottom and top of my ailing heart

The cause of my all joy is your presence as the cause of my sadness, your absence

With you is a bliss of untold tales and without is despondency as the told tales of hell

With everything moment I spend missing you, I could avoid them if only you will bring to me the sweet if your presence again

I hate miss you because it kills me to know I would be missing ask of my happiness

I'll ransom the whole world if I could by that see you instead

Even when life separates us by some devices and death bring to us a gulf, so long as there's the promising of never having to miss you, nothing is better

If I should write how I spend my day when I miss your, it'll be easy because 23 hour is spent missing and dreaming of you and the other one hour spent trying not to miss you

If love was a, I'll still want to not be free because missing you is not only a crime but death itself

If for any reason the sun shines, I know it shines better when I'm not missing you

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