Friday, 11 August 2017

20 Missing You Quote

Love can be so frail at time and that special one just has to be away sometime but here's how to tell them you miss them so much 

Missing You Quote

Gawd, I miss you like a fish missing water and drawing it's last breath

Every time we hang up on me the phone, the second after and I wish another hello from you, please babe come over soon I am missing you so much

I've never been at a fray with myself before like when I'm missing you because it's the moment when I miss you my mind and eye sees differently

You are everything that makes nothing mean something and without you, I'm not surprised everything has returned to status quo. 

I dreamt you came back to me today and then I woke and couldn't find you only to find I could go back to that same dream again so I waited till nigh night to see you again in my dreams.
Dear, this is what you've caused in making me miss you

One more second without you is like I've been locked out of heaven 

I'm famishing for your presence like I've been to nothing else because nothing else can sate me

It's as though all the songs I hear this days are for me because they all make me miss you more

I keep telling myself that it's only a month till you return but it's just easier said than done because to me a day without you is as eternity

It doesn't matter all I do to not miss you because I keep missing you the instant I say, "stop missing her"

For every time I pause to think of something else, my heart aches as though ur wants me to miss you than not think of you

I still think of you every time I think of trying not to think of you because you are in all honesty, my whole thought

No matter how long it’s been, there are times when it suddenly becomes harder to breathe.

I miss you and you it's weird because my members would rather hibernate than to breathe without you

It seems as though it's by your presence, the functions of my body depends on 

Because I am missing you, this foolish heart has chosen to go on a break

Numb with pain of missing you is the order of my day since you left m

You have all my blame for turning me to this incoherent despondent lover I'm l I've become from missing you

If only I could shun myself from you till you return but I keep missing you more each day like living is impossible without you

If I had any coherence in my thoughts any time you leave is to tell myself to stop my craziness over your absence

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