Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Romantic Love Messages

Send that romantic and dulcifying words to soothe your lovers heart right now. 

*Romantic Love Messages*

Think Romeo and Juliet a tale of two lovers but you my dear, are more precious to me than she

You my most beloved are to me than what the whole world combine

I love you and even no amount of dime and time I spend with you is ever enough to say how much 

It's but mere man's fallacy to think the earth has seven wonders when you are your own more wonders than seven even 

How much I love you is the sum to infinity beyond

Your love to me is like a saturated solution for I am full of you

You make my life seem like nothing can beat down the joy you give

Ask of my joy is subsumed under your presence because your dearth is my death

Your very face is like the sun, without you is without a sinew of my joy

I love having you too miss but hate it still when I miss you 

I miss you a little too much more than life because you are worth much more 

You make it easier for for me when life weighs me down

My life's legacy and so joy will be incomplete without you you bring out the life in me 

Like fumes of sighs making a hew of love in the air, your love is to me like love to my sky

You are everything that life could ever promise of happiness

My love for you is ever as beautiful as a newly budded rose

I love you so much dearest love that loving you the best thing to have happened to me

Loving you is ever never as comparable to anything else as the sky is to the earth

I love you my dear even heaven will pale in happiness I feel for you

Of the million probability of ending up with anyone, I ended with the best.......

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