Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Romantic Messages For Him

Those romantic messages that spark up a relationship, send to that lover of yours now.

*Romantic Messages For Him*

My love, you by my side is the every condiments of a happy home. 
I love you dear

The way you look at me, I feel heaven must be renamed through you

I knew you were the one in my dreams when you walked by and said Hello the other day, thank God you did because I won't care to have done the same

You and with your brown eyes, they hold a truth purer than Gold and in them I'm my happiest

As a fish will not survive without water so am I without you

To me there is only one you and no two of us

Dearest lover of mine, although many will think it's a guy's place for things like this but I'll be selfish to not share of the manner of happiness you make me feel, because being with you is to me the best thing that should happen to anyone

To describe you and how you make me feel is like the evergreen hue of Nature in spring because you are my spring

Nothing much matters to me as you because you are what makes my life tick

I would do anything for you so long as in this life I live because without you there's no one else

Hello love, woke up today thinking of all the beautiful memories I've shared with you and I just want to say. 
Thanks for making me a happy woman

You make me wish I could have found you sooner every time

Even when all is through, the world is gone into nothingness and lost, I'll be happy I was loved by you

There's no one to explain what I feel when I'm beside you so let me just begrudgingly settle for AMAZING

The way you make me feel it's like being fed with foods of gods

You make forever seem not enough

I'm but an empty space no different from vacuum without you

My joy is impossible without you but innumerable with you

It took you but a while to find me but since you did, I couldn't have been happier

I love you with a love that like a fiery steed will never halt

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