Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Romantic SMS

Send to that beautiful person the most romantic message ever seen

*Romantic SMS*

Loving you is my fairy tale one that I don't want to see reality again

You turn all of my nightly worries to daily melodies rife with truest of love

I couldn't even if I want to live without you because we are fated

I really am indebted to the loving you give me because your love is to me like never anything before

You are what to me is every uniqueness I long and before never had

The union of your smile and your beauty does to me what the sun does to the day, it brightens my life

I love you more than the earth adores Mother Nature because you are her equal in loveliness

Dearest love, I thought why I loved you so and you know what I came up with------
A list of things that could fill a Bible yet remain

I love Love for everything it ever gave me because one of you is my everything

My love is stronger than you strong in my heart

My love is confided in the knowledge that by you, I am fuelled of true ecstasy

I love you so much more than I love to share the hunger in my belly

My love is nothing like the sun because though it's as bright, it stays through the night

Your smile is to me than the beauty of ten thousand rainbow

My lady, your are not just the best wish to have happened to me, you are the best wish I never even made

How much I love you is not a factor to time, age or seasons because you are my all day and night, heat or cold

Like a desert, you are my oasis

Whenever there is a storm I'm calm because there's you, my balm with a palm like of Midas

You turn all dross in my life to Gold

In your most beautiful eyes, I'm not just sated but I find trust bliss

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