Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Send Text To Babe

Send that romantic text to that special girl lover of yours and tell her what you feel

*Send Text To Babe*

You make the earth as heavens seem as you are my angel
I love you baby

I love you my heaven and earth, you are my everything

You without a doubt is the best thing to have fortuned in my miserable life, love you dear

My love for you, I'll never treat as a relay because I'll stand forever by you

I trust not that we'll ever be torn apart but that even in the face with adversity our love will shine in certainty. 
Love you bae

My love for you is nothing like the day or seasons because it'll never fade

You are too me what no one can ever replace bae

I love you too much to ever think of replacing you, you are my everything 

Like an oases you make what's but mere fantasy a reality

How much your love holds true in my heart is much more than the waters that amain in the ocean

You are all of the reason life has given me more than take because you balance my ills

My living is made possible from mere existence all because of your love

You are to me what the sun is to the day 

You are like my most favorite dream fathomed to reality 

Loving you is my own fairy tale which I pray never ends

Loving you with passion is the very best thing to ever happen to me, it's like being domiciled on cloud nine

You make it easier when life throws the many darts at me

I love Cupid for ever soaring the sky the day I met you lest I shouldn't know what true love is

Yours is my fantasy that if it's a dream I never want to see reality 

I love you so much my dearest, it's never enough to say this words even as easy the words come out, to you it's never more truthful

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