Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Sweet Girlfriend Quotes

Text that lady lover of yours how sweet and beautiful you think she is to you

*Sweet Girlfriend Quotes*

You are the sweetest of dreams to have ever happened to me

Having you beside me is like having an eternal sunshine

You bring not just the best in me but source out the bad in me turning it good

You are a dream to me fathomed into a most beautiful reality

My love for you is as strong and beauteous as the might of ten thousand sentries

I love you sometimes too much than I can ever imagine I could ever love one person

I feel sometimes like loving you is like being fed of a potion because your love is to me like magic

Magic cannot define the depth of my undying love for you

You are everything I always dreamed about love

Thanks dearest love for making a reality of my fantasies

You breathe a life in me like the touch of Midas golden hands

The day chance brought me to you is the day I knew someone loves me from above

You are like the blades to a fan, without you I'm useless

The day I saw you I knew you were sent by Cupid to do his bidding by loving me

You bring such joy to me man never knew or heard of and I'm happy to be the recipient of such grace

When pillowed on your heart I feel you love me as I do you and in that moment nothing else matters and that's when I know I'm loved

You are the most beautiful thing to have happened in my life

You bring out the beauty in my more than anyone ever believed I ever had

You are my gem, my jewel my precious stone and more my happiness. 
I love you baby

I love you not just for you but I love you even more for you make me love myself for loving you

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