Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Sweet Message To Your Girlfriend

To a girlfriend, sweet reasons you love her, make her feel how special you feel for her too

*Sweet Message To Your Girlfriend*

My curse is you my love, I love you so much that even a Sin if you are shall not keep me from you

You besmirch with love my soul that had chosen not to love again ever since I found you

You are too good to be true yet you are and I never doubted my eyes more than this

You bring me such happiness beyond I ever deserves to feel

You make me feel like there's nothing wrong with falling because you made me fell for you

Helplessly I am when I'm with you because you make me as though without a will of my own

I bless my every course I took that brought me to you that day.

You are the reason why I love and now adore the thought of growing old with someone

You ease my mind and soul as though you are a therapist but of love

You make me happy like the twigs and boughs when it's Summer

You are the one I want to have all my day and I there's nothing I ever wanted more

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing all over whilst expecting a different result but with you I never want a different result and I can't be happier to love you over and over again

You are my greatest delight and my every reason why

If you can decipher the beatings of my heart, you see they verses they sing are all just for you

You make me feel like without you is life not that they say it is and being with you I feel like life is more

You know I have never replayed a day more than the very one you said yes to me because that day I felt a jolt of light inside of me and I knew instantly this will ever be the best day of my life

You came and then took all my worries away and then they said Magic don't exist. 
To me that's plain Magic

You are like my favorite dream made into a perfected reality by some guardian angel but even if then I never want to wake up

You are like the wind in my sails without you I'm like on a state of doldrum

There's nothing wrong with with loving you but everything wrong with not loving you.
I love you so much my love

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