Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Sweet Messages For Boyfriend

Messages to make that special guy know you to think of him and sweetly especially. 
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*Sweet Messages For Boyfriend*

Your love to me is like a prophecy long professed and saw fruition the day you said the words "Hello"

Your person as whole fills me with such surety than anything possession could be

You are like a piece that fits all the missing pieces of my life together that was ever missing

So great are you like dew is to dying plants to me

You are to me like the promises of the rainbow that gives assurance after the rain

Ever meeting you is the reason why with a grateful heart I thank who ever is up there for loving me so by gifting you to me

Beyond comprehension is how your love us to me its like the impulse that drives my life

You make my tomorrow seem a most beautiful one to look into

You are like a clothesline and I the dress because my life hangs on you

Rife in sweet serendipity was the day I met with you because ever since I have never felt more alive

The smell of you is as refreshing as the drop of rainfall on a long dry land

You make me understand the reason why life is too good to be true as though a fantasy

Just like the earth was made to revolve around the Sun, baby I was made for you

Ever like the Prince Charming you are without a sword but with a dashing smile the day we met at I melted inside knowing I loved your already

You make my life a never ending state of jollity from the hour I met you

You are the very reason of my existence and the reason why I love to live

You know if I should draw up a list of the most indispensable people in my life they are not much of them but you rank up high there at the top

You are an antidote to my loneliness that I never knew was out there, thanks for your love

My love for you can never perish because unlike Mount Vesuvius, it's deathless as the Sun

Even before we met by eyes our soul had touch and then I knew you were made for me

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