Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Sweet Messages To Boyfriend

Being a guy in a relationship doesn't have to be the initiator, send a most lovable message to him now to show you care. 

*Sweet Messages To Boyfriend*

Being the talk of the town, it matters not to me as one word from you

As long as you love me, I'll be your Platinum, Silver and Gold

Your very melody in your sturdy heart when I'm pillowed on your chest, I can swear is the best song I'll ever hear

My love for you is the one thing that I'll never tire of, no, not even a day l
Even if I deem my heart to love you less, it's futile because you are already a part of me

Hovering around my head all day you are the Love in my psyche

I must say that your presence is the best thing in my life as the rainbows are the best things to allay the rain

Like I've been lost from all moors of life is how leaving without you makes me feel

Having you is like having to hop on a rollercoaster that never comes down

Waking up to you is like having to behold my joy renew every morning

If loving you is a currency to be exchanged I'll be there richest there ever was

Your are my life, my strife, my strides and the every reason I wake each day to ride

You make all that seems bland rife with the beautiful things of love

Nothing much matters to me so long as you live, my joy is guaranteed in fullness

I love you so much that if loving you is exempted from me I'll be left with a beggars worth in love's sake

You validate a joy of a thousand divinities in my soul when I as little as see your face after every night

A touch from your honeyed kisses is like one from a rose

Having to know you is like having to meet face to face with joy himself

You are ever to me the assurance of a lifetime worth of happiness

I love you much it would seem my life is a dirge without the happy beginnings and endings you give

In your brown eyes my love, I must swear I feel loved each and every time I look at them I'm sure I was made for you

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