Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 Sweet Text

Sweet messages are like dew they water a relationship. 
Let that lover know you think of him/her with utter sweetness now.

*Sweet Text*

Distance don't matter a thing between us because you are always in my thoughts

The happiness I get from seeing you is enough to make the whole world happy

I love you though and whenever doubt that our sweet memories together they remind me that you are everything I can ever wish for 

I am elated as the smile of a thousand rainbow having you as my lover

Thank you for being the supportive lover you are and believing in me.

If I was a hero you'll be my lady and I won't mind saving you all my life because you saved me first

I have been loving of you ever since the first day I set my eyes on you for you are like a gem to my soul

Honeys are nothing compared to you in sweetness nor Roses to you in beauty

For your life I'll joust any beast and compete against any foe because you are my everything

I love you for being you and would not change a thing not even the ones you call imperfections

If anything at all a heaven above truly exists at least I have you to wrap around in my arms day and night and that's when I feel heaven

I so miss your hugs and touches and kisses and God knows for them I'm do anything

I love you more each blessed day I breathe and each night I get to wake gazing at you

Memories I have made with you, I can never trade them to anything because to me they are as priceless as Gold

In your subtle caresses when I lie I'm your arm I feel like the world all just another place

There's none in the world can give what you give me and it's how I know you are the only one I'll share my life with 

A lifetime with another is worth a day with you

You give to me what no one has ever made me feel like flying without wings and breasting the top of a mountain

You are the all of me that I'll never tire to requite

I love you and I know that when I say those words although three in number but they speak a thousand truth to me

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