Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Sweet Texts To Send Your Boyfriend

Sweetly tell that lover of yours you adore him and make him feel you love him too. 

*Sweet Texts To Send Your Boyfriend*

To everyone else you may be just one person but beside you for me there's no one else

You are my therapy just a gaze into your soft eyes

You foreshadow a future beautiful together and I must confess I never felt safer with anyone else

I love the way you make me feel of myself

You are always on my mind like a tattoo made permanently on someone

In my heart was a hole which was made whole the day I fell for you. 
I love you so much my dear

By behest of Cupid, the day I saw you I felt a sting on my chest and that's when I knew I love you

You are what I call my oases in the presence of drought

In the burdened cloud in my life, your are my silver lining that gives me hope

I always dreamt to be somebody to somebody and then you loved me and I've never been happier

You make my heart ecstatic in much muchness too much to contain 

There can be no better heaven than when I wake to see you lying beside me so beautifully when I wake

The voice in my head tells me nothing last forever but you make me feel like with you I could be forever happy

If I could fall into your sky, I know you will even in your clouds catch me because I trust in the love you have for me

I will walk a thousand mile to see you, I'll make a thousand lie just to talk to you and I'll make for the deepest pit just to feel you again because I love you so much

Holding me I'm your arms where we share our daily lives and smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever know I'll exchange that for me nothing else

You are more beautiful as that sound of rainfall that makes on the rooftop on a cold Sunday

You are the summary of a perfect story of my life how the best is saved for the last

You make me my happiest I have never been

You cross the dots in my life and piece the puzzles I ever wished was gone and I can't love you more for that

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