Tuesday, 22 August 2017

20 Sweetest Love Quotes

Sweetness in a relationship can be like engines to a vehicle and it drives it, well why don't you send one or two to that lucky lover of yours

*Sweetest Love Quotes*

Bring me you, yourself and anything concerning you alone and I have the perfect recipe for happiness 

I'll joust a thousand beast for you if it's the last thing I'll do all earth all so I could be with you

You are the best thing to ever happen to my life because you are my earth's joy heaven above

My love for you will forever be implanted in my earth so long as I am me and you are you

You are the sweetest thing in the whole of mankind to have been made into reality. 
I love you so much my love

You make my life like a wishing lamp of a djinee because since meeting you my dream of love came true together with all I ever wanted

There are many things that have happened to me but you are by miles the best that ever happened

In all fairness to everyone else that ever made me happy and the person I am today, you my love have been the one person by landslide who's been my wellspring of joy the most

Nothing compares to being with you because it's like honey to the taste

Like as the sea cannot but kiss the shore so am I fated and forever to you

Without you I'm as listless as a lazy day but you make my life all interesting to live

Ever since I met you I found a reason to look beyond what availed in my past because you gave me a future

You are to me all that a Mr Right could ever be and I couldn't ask any better

You make me feel so happy just looking at you alone it's like heaven seems to express itself through you

You are the revelation of joyous life I never knew life could offer

You give me such happiness never before seen and never before experienced

You are everything a dream is but more so you are the perfect realty 

Growing old with can nothing better better than, it's the only dream I wish to see come to fruition

If I'll die one day I want to wake in your arms because the love you give is too goodnight to be to the confines of earth alone

The way I love you is like nothing I ever felt before, it's as though I was drunk and still is with potions from your hands

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