Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Text Lover

Text that lover of yours by whom your heart is spoken for and let him/her know you are thinking of them now

*Text Lover*

You make my heart safe in love from gazing at you alone

My love, you do to my heart what my favorite dish does to my belly

You are the Grail I long sought never knowing you were all this while by my side

There's no distance nor space that can take the love between us away, you are my Destiny

Love is like a child, simple, soft, gentle and kind, I knew all these the day I met you because the day I met you was when I fell for you

Like a baby is sustained by the cord in his mother's womb so am I strengthened by your love in this vile world for you are my everything

You make my sky cloudless because you take all of my burden

Your love gets me up at morning because I know you can never let me down

The way you impress upon me your love makes me feel secured

I love you dear so much there's nothing truly enough to describe how exactly

You make the rainbow look dull when I behold the beauty in your eyes

If in your heart I will live even after I die and Oblivion takes me from the world, I'll be happy still because you are worth it all to me

They say home is where the heart is so love you are my heart's joy as you are my home

Your love and all the retrofit that comes with loving you is all I'll ever be need in my life 

You are the best thing to have happened in all of my bland existence, you are my soul mate

Happy am I whenever I am with you and I never want to see the last of it

I love you sweetie pie like the taste of a well made dish to the tongue

So long as I have you I have a reason, and so long as I have a reason I have a purpose, so my love, you are my purpose 

You make the forget the sorrow of the night and be fond in the new dawn

You are the reason why I have faith in love because you make me understand love comes to those who believe

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