Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Text Message Quotes

A message from you and even as short it may seem, send to that special one in your life and let them know you think of them

*Text Message Quotes*

My love heaven and earth may pass but I'll be forever loving you still

I love you more than anything that ever touched the earth, you are my sui generis

You not just bring out the passion in me but you make me relive my childish years again all because you love me,
I feel nimble and able

You are everything I dreamed of yet when we had yet meet. 

Your love is to me the best thing to happen to a man like me

If Midas was ever real then you are him because you are too me as golden

Never once did I feel the love from anyone than when you gave it because you are my wellspring of happiness

If Joyfulness has a name then your is apt because you make me feel happy

You to me are everything I always wanted but never had

You make me so miserably in love with you beyond the reason why

From the very day our eyes met, I knew this must be truer than true love

You are where I belong and with you is where I want to tarry so long I breathe

My heart is like an ensign of joy ever since you said yes to me that beautiful day

You are the reason life to me will never lose it's essence

Loving you is like a joy raised to the power of 3 in my heart.

Love may be blind as Cupid but your love to me can not be any clearer than day because I see the beauties of earth as your love makes them clear to me

You are more than an angel to me, you are my haven on earth

When I hear the sound of my name and the worthy caller is you, I feel the shedding of a thousand weight

Your love to me is beyond depth and width and he, it's immeasurable

I can write a thesis on why I love you add still never expend the list

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