Wednesday, 16 August 2017

20 Texting Girlfriend

Texting anywhere and everywhere to your lover makes them know even without them your think of them. 
Well, try that now

*Texting Girlfriend*

Can't believe you are there and I'm here baby, I can't wait to get with you soon.
Coming baby

Hi, dearest love, I hope all is well and I wish you safe journey home.
Come home soon baby I miss you

Morning my love, I woke up today and it was you started my day, the thoughts that I'll see you today

I must confess I can't wait to get with you soon today

Hello love, how are you at the office?
Do you mind a date out tonight if you are free? 

Hello baby love, how was your night, just thought to be the first to say morning. 

It would be nice going out with you my love tonight, I miss you so much 

Hello love, been in the office all day and I just thought I should text to check on you.
How are you doing? 

My love, I'm here waiting till the hours all pass and I could see you again.
Do your feel same way too because I badly do

Loving you my love is one of the loveliest I'll use my life for. 

Hope you are thinking of me my love because I just can't put three thoughts together without you in it

Right here right now I just wish you beside me that you could see how I badly want to be beside you

Hello love, can't wait to be home with you tonight , how is the work at far? 

The reverie I get thinking of you alone is like the joy of a thousand angels my love

Right now my love if the end is near I'll still thrill myself with the thought of you 

O! my love you are everything in my life that has no equal and I just want to be near you right now 

You know I've been staring at my fone ever since waiting for you to say hi. 
How have you been? 

Loving you kills my every ego making me want to go on my knees each time to beg that you never leave me, ever

Hello my sunshine, how was your night out with the girls? 

You are always the piece that set all the other pieces straight. 
I miss you lots love

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