Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 Texts To Send Your Boyfriend

Send the most beautiful message to that guy lover of yours right now. 

*Texts To Send Your Boyfriend*

Days sometimes is as dark as night and even the sun sometime shine less and the weather changes quickly but of my love for you is one surest thing I know of

You are the reason why life is too me a better place

Your smile is like the welcome of a thousand rainbow and I more than love you with every depth in my soul

I'm so in love with you and each day I say a prayer to heaven that I found you

When ever your hands just fit perfectly on mine, I know than anything else that we are tailor made for each other 

Your arms are more assuring than ten thousand soldiers by my side

In cold, you are my warmth, in heat, tut are my cold, in hunger, by you in sated you are my everything

As the sun for the sky and moon for night, I always knew you were made for me

My love for you is unshakable as the sun

How much I love you is beyond times and seasons but hinged on how my heart knows to sing your name

You are everything that life never promised me yet somehow Fate brought you home--- to my arms

Nothing matters in my bland existence without you that turns it to a life worth living

You heal the little nothings in my life and like magic make it something, and it's why I love you so

You are the reason why I know someone must love me in heaven

When the days are dark, at the end of tunnels the there are no light and it all seem like nothing is going right, then I think of you and in that little moment.
I get hope

You are every reason that even when I have nothing, with you I have everything

My love for you is heaven as it magically appears on earth

My undying love for you is as a lull is to the storm

As long as you are beside me, nothing ever seems to presage wrong

What I feel for you is nothing that man has ever seen it's why it's not yet in the dictionary

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