Thursday, 3 August 2017

20 We Belong Together Quotes

You feel like you and that special one belong with each other, why not tell them just that.

*We Belong Together Quotes*

You and I belong together as the sun belongs to the day

I always knew we belong together and nothing can change that because we are fated

Your are to me as 5 is to 6 because I follow wherever you lead me. 

I belong to you as the earth was made for the sun rays and the waters for the seas

As long as I live you are where I belong

Nothing compares to the store of purest ecstasy that comes from a part of your heart where I forever want to belong

As Cupid belongs to Psyche so do your love belong to my soul and mind

So long as I belong with you, my joy has an ever flowing wellspring

You are everything that I forever want to have and never lose because with you is where I belong

Where I belong is nothing short of you and without you am I without a source

You are part of my life without which a part of me is missing

Where I am is where forever I long for you to be because it's where I am my happiest 

You tug at my heartstrings and pull the strings of ecstasy too well. 
Love you so much

You are always on my brain like in your thought is where I belong

I know I love you but more than that, I know I belong with you 

You make it easier when all of my life goes hard and deep then I know it must be true love

You are all of all of the reasons why I know life has good things in store for me because with you is where I belong

I know we belong together without which anything else is a misfit

Like a retrofit misfitted together, you are too me like an engine as I am a car

I belong to you as you to me because you are a part of my heart

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