Wednesday, 16 August 2017

20 What To Text Your Girlfriend

Text that girlfriend of yours letting her know that you have her on your brain right now. 

*What To Text Your Girlfriend*

I love you much more than I can ever imagine to describe, you are the best of my life

You are every of my wish come true. 
You are even the wishes I never made

I will breast the crest of waves and climb the highest mountain for you just to prove my love for you if ever there need

You are than a reason to be happy, you are my world without you is empty space

I want to see the world through your eyes then I can know what makes you tingle because through your eyes I feel heaven. 
Love you so much dear

If a netherworld is real then I don't want to love if I am not loving you

Your love makes me feel fine even when suffocating under water. 

When I am with you it seems like I was made for that. 
I love you so much

You are the best of the best a man can be proud to say he has seen, you are a lover like no one else and you make my life worth living

Baby being with you makes me happy and as a child born new, you make me feel childish in love

As good food is to the belly it's how the thoughts of you is to my mind. 
It's like nothing else

You are to me like rain is to a plant, you are my sustenance

My love for you will never fade not until the world fades first

Fated am I to you like our destiny's intertwined and with you I know I've found my reason why

You are worth every inch in creation perfectly spent on you because I'll not have you any other way even the imperfections in you

I love you and my loving you ever makes me feel like I could just pause the world and enjoy forever with you

Being with you I finally understand how love is blind because you make me blind to your every faults happily

I cannot live a day without the thought of you, it's like living a day without food

If perfection ever has a name it's your imperfections because they define other perfection out there

If loving you is my name, then in ready to sweetly die lying in your arms in love

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