Tuesday, 15 August 2017

20 You will miss me quotes

Missing someone you love can never be something to be happy about nor is someone missing you too.

*You will miss me quotes*

Not that I should be my happiest knowing we should part but I promise you you'd miss me

I may be gone from your life and your quasi-joy may seem evident now but the truth I know is that you will surely miss me 

In so much as I could swear myself I'd miss you, I can't but hope patiently that you'd miss me so dearly and run back to my arms

You will miss me and even if I don't know how tomorrow fortunes to be I'll always miss the moments we had too

Like an emotionless tong left to fire to burn but without feelings, so are you to feign no emotion as we part but I know you'll miss us when I'm gone

I'm going to really miss you so much and there's no telling how much but even though I know you'll miss me too, I hope you don't miss me as much as I do you

You'll miss me and I that I know is true but nothing compares all the same to how much as I'll miss you as we temporarily part

I know you'll miss me when it's all over in this short stay of mine but I wish I could tarry more because I'll miss you as much

I'm a rover and never have I been tempted to stay as I was with you but even though I'll miss you alas, I'm a rover abs it's what I'm be always

I know you'll miss me as I'll miss you but just await the sweet happenstance when we should finally see again. 
Love you my love 

You may think me dispensable but I promise you you'll miss me when i'm gone

I know that beneath your facade which you show that as is now you shall miss me so much when I go

I promise that you'll miss me because except your heart has gone cold, all of those beautiful moment and times we had cannot be easily forgotten.

I know you'll miss me even when you miss me now and hide it beneath this veneer but know I'll always love you my ex

I miss and love you every step of a new day my love but I'm certain that even so you shall miss me more

I know if not one thing this truth is that you feel still for me and you'll miss me regardless of your feigned look to deny all of it

Even though that all of this is but a seeming Deja Vu to enact again to fall out of love with me as you fell in, I know this time you truly love me and will miss me just as much

I miss you dearly beloved and I know by fate you miss me just as much but nonetheless some things are not meant to last.
Good bye love

Will surely miss our friendship, our love history and story altogether but I hope you miss me less than I am missing you now because I miss you so much dear ex

Although greedy may you call me but I know when fate finds me six feet below the ground, my memories shall be alive when you miss me

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