Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Your Girlfriend In A Text

Text messages to your girlfriend are not to be taken with levity and makes sure they are composed well.
Well, you just found the perfect choice here. 

*Your Girlfriend In A Text*

Hello my love, I know we just talked a while back but after I dropped the phone I started thinking of you and decided to say hi. 

Probably in my next life if there is, I may love but in this life it's impossible after you

The thought of you alone is of more worth to me than the face of any could-be lover and it's how I know I can never love another

It is a crime what you do to me, holding the likelihood of my days with you because my joy depends on God and you alone

The only thing better than anything is YOUR LOVE

Your love to me is priceless like the worth of food to a starving man

Many a reason I love you with fiery pass yet not one reason I have known could make me fall in hate for you

You are the best thing to have entered the pages of my life because everyone since life has never been better

When people ask of my day I say, Good, but they never know that you are the every reason my day can be good

The day my eyes was set on you, it registered to my heart, your face and it said to my soul, that's the One

You are the light of my life and so long as by heaven all is well with me, nothing on earth can cause any earth to you

For you I'll be anything, your soldier, lover, masseur and your coach because at first I consider myself the luckiest on earth to have you

The day I ever stop loving you just know I probably was fed with potions because my love for you will never wane

If by some prophecy it's seen that my love for you shall change as the weather, I know beyond doubt that if the future unseen I'll love you as I do with a might beyond the eyes sees

Like earth is far too the heavens is how far a height my love is for you, imaginable

Being with you is the one best thing I will forever be proud of because you are the answer to my dreams

You are to me what the seas means to a sailor, I cannot do too long without you

Each day without you is like a cask without wine, I'll be useless

I love you more than what you are but for what I'm when I'm around you

You are my answer to the prayers I never knew to even pray because you are everything to me

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