Monday, 7 August 2017

21 Congratulation Message for Job Confirmation

Getting a job is a big deal and what better way to say a heartfelt and sincere congratulation than this. 
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Congratulation Message for Job Confirmation

Agape, I was when I was told this because if anyone had deserved this long ago, it was absolutely you. 
Congratulations on your job acceptance letter. 

I just heard the news about your job confirmation.
You really are a favored child and this proves that God answers prayers. 
Congratulation my son.
I am so proud of you. 

Congratulations my dear on your job confirmation! 
Even now I already wish you promotion and all the best.

I am been in a completely delighted mood ever since I heard you got the job.
Congratulation my dear cousin

Congratulation my daughter for unlike others you didn't compromise all in the sake of job in the similitude of the hardships in attaining a job in this country.
Congratulation at last

Congratulation on striving and successfully attaining this dream of yours, a job unlike any other, wish you the best. 

Leaving school and having to face all those years without a job must be behind us now
Thanks to God especially knowing devastating it was to you.

Upon hearing this great news, my son, I was so moved to tears of joy for you, Congratulation on getting your job finally

Congratulations on your job confirmation!
I pray that this is just the beginning of better jobs with higher pay to come.

I heard but I was transfixed to unbelief by the news of your letter of acceptance on your dream job. 
Congratulation big sister, I wish you all the best. 

I am joyed for all of our sakes because it has a ripple effect if you know what I mean.
Congratulation on getting this job of jobs dear big brother

Congratulation dear brother on this long sought after job that has evaded you for years. 
Wish you all the way up from now

Now that not only have you found a job but a well paid one, I wish you many more years of promotion. 
Congratulation dear

To your working towards your dream and this big step to that, I congratulate you and wish you all the best.
May this job bring many perks with it

To being put off the waiting list for a job, I say thank God and your never relenting self. 
Congratulation on moving forward

Congratulations because your dedication to getting this dream job has paid off. I’m elated for your effort towards it and I must say it moves me with encouragement.

Congratulations on now being an employee from a job searcher, I pray that favour shall find you to the top of your job

Congratulations on getting the job that has evaded you ever  since abs well timed it is because I knew you almost cursed your chances. 
Thank God and congrats

Congratulations my dear son, as a father I know it got me long to attain my first pay but you, so easy after school, it's a thing of joy that a son is doing well than his father and I'm happy. 
Congratulations on your job acceptance

Congratulations on your job confirmation my cousin, I wish you the best in the office in your Official suit.
God bless, and may favour follow you

To your job confirmation success, I have two things to say and one is that I must congratulate you for proving doubters wrong and two for proving you have what it takes. 

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