Monday, 7 August 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Best Friend’s Wedding

Your best friend wedding and you are confused on how to express the flurry of words to say to him after knowing him so those years. 
Then here's how to express yourself better.

Congratulation Messages For Best Friend’s Wedding

I am happy you found that somebody to love and adore.
I'm also happy that after all the years together, I could be your best man on your special day. 
Congratulation my dear friend

Being a best friend to you is a special deal to me and I am joyful to witness your happy day. 
Congratulation on your wedding dear.

To my best friend forever, years ago I witness our college days end, yesterday we drank and toast to bachelorhood, and today you are getting found the special one.
Congratulation and I pray tomorrow the baby will be kicking already. 
Wish you the best. 

Wedding is just the beginning of everything, my friend and sister from another mother, I pray that your life together will be a happy one forever. 
Love you continuously

I for one pray that love will not be wanting in your matrimony my friend and congratulation on making it to the other side. 
Love you

I hope to see you in years and still see that spark. 
Congratulation my best friend on your wedding.

I must say you surprised me, I didn't see this coming because I thought you would be that guy that bides his time as long as possible for marriage. 
Wish you the best dear. 

You have proven that love waste no time and sweeps you off your feet as quick as you feel it because I know you only just met.
I pray that this marriage strengthens even the more each year bestie.

Congratulation on leaving the bachelor club before me dear, I pray you would have it in your heart love enough for two and who knows three soon. 
Congratulation on your wedding friend.

Congratulations on your wedding my friend, I hope you know it takes a lifetime to really know someone and I pray that everyday you spend know your bride, it brims you with joy upon joy the more. 

I must say I am joyful to be present on this special day of yours and knowing you are now married lives a bittersweet taste, bitter because I'll miss those single nights out but all the same pal, happy wedding day

Seeing you happy, I must say makes me happy and just want to get a bride that we may Wed today too. 
Congratulation my friend, your wife is a lucky woman and I am proud of you for reaching this height. 
Love, from your best friend

I'm pained dear bestie, I always thought we'd have our wedding night the same day. 
But anyways, I wish you and your hubby a perpetual honeymoon forever on cloud nine. 

I wish you both happiness and that this wedding will not just be a passing fad but forever be in happiness, the two of you. 
Congratulation dear friend 

I wish you two a matrimony of harmony and blissful experiences.
Congratulation my best friend.

Congratulations on this happy happy day of yours. 
Wedding is not a child's play and marriage is itself a big deal but if anyone it's you I trust to be able to build a happy and stable home. 
Congratulation dear. 

I hope that all the days of your wedding life be as filled with elation as today. 
Congratulation on your wedding my best friend.

I wish you all the best for joining the marriage club, being ahead of you in it, I want you to know it's a job of its own because you'll need to exercise patience, develop friendship, be diplomatic, kind hearted, compromising and a whole lot but let's leave that to later for now, have a wonder married life, my best friend. 

I pray you have the strength to see through what has just begun.
May this marriage have a good testimony and yield happy results. 
Love you friend

I am happy and at the same time shocked, can’t believe you’re getting married after all the talk of enjoying your post college days first, I guess true love really struck you hard by Cupid
I pray that you'll not fall out as quick as you fell in love and I congratulate you once more. 
Happy wedding my best friend.

Congratulation my old time friend, it's really a joyous thing to be settling down finally, I know all those years that you'll make a fine groom and I wish you and your bride the happiest of times together in nuptial bliss. 
Congratulation dear friend

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