Monday, 7 August 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Long Service

To an employee who has stayed with a cause for a company all along a long years.
What better way to congratulate them and with gratitude than these list of messages 

Congratulation Messages For Long Service

I am grateful to God to have to celebration you still, if this were a football team many clubs would have come bidding for you but in all seriousness I am so happy you have stayed till now. 
Cheers to long years of service

Your unmatched quality as a worker and friend is remarkable because you truly are everything worthy to be revered and I am grateful for the times with this company.
Congratulation on 10 years and counting. 

5 years ago I knew too well to issue a increase in pay again for you because with an employee of your calibre, they will surely attain a higher pay elsewhere. 
Congratulation on 20 years of your experience with us. 

Sharing your own quota to this company in its growth is what I'll always be grateful for. 
Congratulation for a job well done ever since 20 years ago 

To a well-placed contributions to this company that you stood by even in the face of delinquency, I say thanks and congratulations on 15 years with us. 

I value the years in all honesty, that you have sweat and pained with this company because it is just as old as your stay here which was and is the light for us all.
Congratulation on staying 15 years true to a well done job

This company was young when you came and it's cause of someone like you'd it's a giant in the industry now. 
All thanks to you.
Congratulation on staying with us this beautiful 20 years

The new employees will never understand all you've have shed for this company's growth but I am privileged to have a clue. 
Congratulation on the long time even till now with us

Well respected, well deserved and well earned is all my praise for you, you have done better than all my other employees and it's not a doubt that you cherish your job and take pride in it which is why I respect you. 
Congratulation on 25 years with us.

Unlike other employees, who treat a company with uncouth disposition because it is not much their sweat, you, after several years still do your best for this company still.

Congratulation my dearest long time friend, I heard this yesterday was your celebration of 20 years with your company as the best employee. 
Congratulation and many more years to come

By hardwork, diligence, and many more, I celebrate you for making it 30 wonderful years serving in truth this company as a unique staff indeed. 
Thanks dear sir

Unrivalled is your service to this company by hard work and such abidance on every work ethics there is Congratulations on this long fruitful years with us and thanks

To a service like none rendered before, thanks for investing so much of yourself to the growth in general of this business
Many more to come I wish you sir

Congratulations as you celebrate a wonderful year this day 15 years ago as I was lucky to have you. 
I pray you, as you are the best thing to happen to us as a company to stay more years because you are everything needed in an employee. 

Congratulation on making it 20 years ago I hope it still counts because you are the happiest when you do what you do best which is your Job that.

The company is what it is today, thank you and may your job be so appealing to you more years to come for know one does it better than you do.

Thank you for your contribution as a whole to this company, I am glad to have you as an employee and looking back 20 years, I won't change in hopes to still have you.

Thanks so much for all the time you stood when this company was at its worse brink of running down as your sacrifice and dedication to this company is what makes it what it is today. 
Congratulation on 15 lovely years with us

Thank you for staying and making this company what it is today as we celebrate your 15 loyal years to us
Cheers to you and a very big congrats

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