Friday, 11 August 2017

21 Cute Miss You Quotes

Ever missed someone or missing someone and you'll like you send a cute text to them to let them know how you truly miss them. 
Well, you might have just found a friend in this list

Cute Miss You Quotes

I have seen with my eyes and known with my mind but there is nothing quite as you. 
I love you babe and I miss you so much

Dearest love, I really miss your smile and everything about you, I hope you think of me every night as I do you. 
Love you so much dear 

I miss you my love, think of me and I will be there in your dream for now because I am on my way to fulfill those fantasy of yours

Cupid must been sad since you left but I know that you miss me and his arrow of love never left your soul. 
I miss you darling please come home soon 

I miss your cutie, living has not made the tiniest of sense since you were absent in my life

I really want to hold you with all my arms and body right now and place you next to me because you make me feel like there's nothing life can dole I wouldn't take

I love you so much that without you life has lost its essence and meaning

I never want to see life, if tiff are not in it and when you are in it as now, I want to make every second of our love count. 
Miss you so much love, can't wait to get back home to you

I miss seeing your smile and making you laugh, truth is I miss all of all of you, please come back home babe

You are all the beauty in my life and the reason I wake up each day so you won't have to feel down because all I do I do because I love you, I miss you babe and I can't wait to get with you again

Soon my love and this long awaited lonely night will see its end, I can't wait to know taste of your kisses again 

I miss you so much my babe is that my morning coffee taste of your every little scent

I miss you dear that when I breathe, the brilliance of you pervades my mind and thought

The darn bed I lie on smell of you that it torment me not having to lie with you and alone instead, I miss you love

I really miss you my dear that every little thing reminds me of the beauty that I miss to kiss - YOU

I really am missing every day and night, you and what kills me more is the calm I only feel in your presence which is absent by your absence. 
Please come back soon baby, I miss you 

I don't know how nor did I know why but all I know is that happiness for me is impossible without you

I am so missing you right now bae, it's not been the same ever since I have had to go through the nights with your face taunting my mind.
I really miss you love

I miss you so much my beautiful wife, but worry not, husband is but some days away from you. 
Miss you like crazy

I really wish to be next to you again, now that I have seen the world and beyond, there's truly no one as you

I'm so missing you like a toothpaste misses the cap, please come back baby, I'm miserable without you

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